Why Comtech?

In this era of cutting-edge technologies, the advancement occurs by each passing day. Your business operations are backed by Infrastructure and therefore it is a necessity that the infrastructure needs to operate effectively and efficiently at the same time. Grabbing new technologies will lead to a change in the business strategies. Here is where we come in. We provide services that assist you to meet specific requirements in a networked economy. COMTECH SYSTEMS has been established since 2002 and has evolved to become one of the most trusted IT Partners in helping organizations streamline business processes and systems by being one of the most sought after IT Solutions Provider/Integrator. We bring innovations and excellence to businesses with our technology partners and together we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for the Internet Network Infrastructure in an excellent and effective manner. Our Service is all about flexibility, innovation and above all, outcome. Our partnership obviously generates only the best breed solution to the IT community. Thus, new platform of market space can easily be grabbed and enabling you to compete as a special icon in cyberspace.

Our priority is your requirement, even if the requirement is consultancy alone in certain areas. However, for the complete execution of work as a turnkey project, we charge only minimum consultancy fee. The bedrock of our success lies in the provision of professional services to complete solutions to meet the requirement.

We have been anchored by a team of experienced consultants and qualified personals, who are dedicated to provide superior service. We have always been grounded with honesty and integrity and we primarily focus on the wishes and precise requirements of our customers to deliver cost-effective solutions with high quality. But the feather in our cap is mainly the in-depth knowledge that we have acquired through the fabulous experiences that we had at implementing large scale enterprise wide integrated solutions. The projects have been implemented in accordance to the highest quality standards. Owing to the Customer-centric approach that we follow, the development of our business has gradually progressed to its peak.
As we have stemmed from Alappuzha, we have got our headquarters at Alappuzha and regional branch at Kochi and Kannur. Our profound experience in IT infrastructure services, networking, network security, data centres, delivery of service and all other related discipline is remarkable and would help organisations achieve their strategic objectives and run businesses more productively. As a quality service we ensure secure and agile servers, storage and networking. The Data center solutions that we provide are extensile and comprehensive in nature. Efficient data storage infrastructure is backed by scalable, future-proof options. The equipment and systems available are best suited for each application. Our Infrastructure Services offer you an end-to-end suite of solutions.

What made Cloud computing unique?

The cloud helps to innovate faster by allowing focus to IT resources for applications development which can result in a transformed customer experience. This is due to the fact that Cloud solutions allow to modernise, protect and scale up applications. Deploying hundreds or thousands of servers in a minute is made possible through cloud. On the basis of requirement, it provides an easier and faster access to a broad range of technology such as storage, compute, databases, analytics, etc. Once the attempt for an application fails, you can easily de-provision resource without any risk factor, thereby offering the opportunity to experiment new applications. Our provision includes a secure cloud service platform that offers computer power, data storage and other functionality that aids business growth.